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Hair Myths

Hair care tips and tricks have been passed down from generation to generation and many of us just went with it. We’ve heard them all, strange but said to be true hair care solutions to make hair longer, thicker, shinier, etc. Told by family, friends, hair product companies and of course YouTubers. Don’t allow lack of research and marketing strategies to confuse you. With so many tools, products and online tutorials out there, it’s tough to separate hair myths from hair facts. You are not alone. Today, we are here to help separate facts from fiction with these top 10 myth busters.

Please ALWAYS remember when taking hair tips, that this is a trial and error process. What may work for one may not work for you, even if you seem to have the same hair type.

1 | Split ends can be repaired

The heart-breaking truth is split ends can NOT be repaired, despite what some products may advertise. Split ends occur when the cuticle is damaged. The only way to get rid of a split end is to cut them off. Not doing so allows the split end to travel up the hair shaft, eventually breaking at the root. Split end management is key to retaining length.

2 | Trimming your hair makes it grow faster

While trimming your hair regularly is important in aiding split ends from occurring, it does not affect the growth rate. Hair grows from the follicles in the scalp, not from the ends. Although there is no way to speed up hair growth, there are steps you can take to promote healthy hair growth.

3 | You can’t use hair oil if you have oily hair

We understand why some may shy away from using oil because they produce excess sebum on the scalp, however, all hair types can benefit from it. The question is not whether you can use oils, but rather, which oils you should use. There are many oils out there that help balance the production of sebum on the scalp. Reach for the antibacterial oils to help restore moisture balance such as lemon, tea tree, lavender, basil and rosemary natural oils. We always recommend researching and educating yourself on products prior to use.

4 | Dry shampoo is just as good as regular shampoo

We understand that dry shampoo can be a lifesaver between wash days but please understand it is no replacement. Dry shampoo does not actually clean the hair. Instead, it simply absorbs the excess oils from the hair, making it appear cleaner.

5 | Air-drying is better than blow-drying

Air-drying may sound like the least harsh way to dry the hair in theory, but the reality is that when hair comes into contact with water, it swells. The slow drying of the hair causes the cell membrane complex (the material that glues hair cells together) to crack. This will be very damaging to the hair. Try using an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel.These two options don’t have the rough grooves of an average towel, absorbing excess water while reducing frizz, friction and knots. It is essential to apply a moisturizer or leave-in after washing to lock in the moisture and a sealant if necessary. Studies have verified that using a blow dryer at the proper distance and a low temperature can cause less damage than air-drying improperly.

6 | 100 strokes per day increases hair health

This is one of the eldest myths that we’ve heard. Brushing the hair was said to stimulate the blood flow and assist in evenly distributing oil from the scalp down the hair shafts. Fact is, excessively brushing your hair can cause more harm than help. It can cause breakage and damage your hair’s cuticle. A scalp massage is a relaxing substitute to encourage blood flow to the scalp. We are not saying don’t brush your hair, we are saying 100 strokes is excessive and unnecessary.

7 | Hair growth hacks (i.e. Aloe vera, rice water and hair pills)

Regardless of what a company or blogger claims, please do not be fooled. No over the counter product thus far has been able to accelerate the rate at which hair grows. However, they can help the health of the hair preventing damage aiding in length retention. Finding the right products and regimen takes time but once you get it down stick with it and you will see results. Be patient and find what works for you.

8 | Curly hair is stronger than straight hair

This is a huge misconception. It may feel and appear to be more tough, well it’s actually quite vulnerable. The tighter the curls the dryer and more fragile the hair is. The danger in this is assuming your hair is strong enough to withstand heat and styling manipulation, leading to major damage.

9 | Hair health rely on the products you use

While the choosing the right products are extremely important, it is not the only thing to consider. Drinking the proper amount of water, indulging in an active activity, monitoring stress and what you eat all play a major role as well. Consuming foods high in nutrients such as vitamins, protein, biotin, zinc and omega-3 help in overall hair health.

10 | Dandruff doesn’t always equate to dry scalp

Surprisingly, having an oily scalp can be a major factor of dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a yeast called Malassezia that feeds on the sebum on your scalp. This yeast tends to grow in an oily environment. The best way to treat your dandruff is to know what you are dealing with first. As dandruff could also be a sign of dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

We hope these myth busters will help you on your hair journey. Please feel free to ask us about myths you would like debunked.

- The Good Heir Journey


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