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Health Meets Hair

Let's be real. We all want strong, healthy and lustrous hair. However, we never seem to be able to figure it out. We continuously waste money on various "miracle growth" products that never seem to work. That's because it is more than just what you put on your hair. It's a lifestyle.

Let's start with the obvious. Water! Water! Water! Consuming the appropriate six to eight glasses of water a day will help strengthen your hair. Dehydration can immediately stunt hair growth. Drinking water fosters a healthier scalp, keeping the hair properly hydrated from root to tip therefore preventing dandruff and breakage.

Now let's talk food. I am not here to tell you what to eat but how to eat where it benefits your hair and health. A healthy diet will help your hair to be strong, moisturized and shiny. Eating an adequate amount of protein is important for hair growth because your hair follicles are mostly made of protein. Consuming foods high in omega-3's, fatty acids and vitamins, play a key role in the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Get active! The health of your hair is influenced by many factors. Mental and physical are two key factors. Scientific studies have proven that stress in your life will cause stress on your hair. Stress can push your hair follicles into a "resting" phase, ultimately leading to thinning and eventually hair loss. However, consistent exercise can help balance the mental and physical. As you probably know, exercise is good in more ways than one. Exercise is an often neglected intervention in mental health care. Exercise doesn't always mean lifting. Discover what you enjoy! Swimming, dancing, yoga, cycling, jogging, gardening or all of the above. Just get active my friend. Exercise boosts body health and promotes a strong hair growth cycle. Being active increases blood flow and circulation to the scalp. This is good because in order for the scalp to be moisturized and produce strong hair follicles, it must first have a good blood flow.

Live well! Eat well! Stay active!

The Good Heir Journey.

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